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Sister Act

About the Sisters:
Jackie McCreary
I am Jackie McCreary, the sister in the middle age-wise. I'm actually the one on the left in the picture above. Paulette is as many years older than me as Geri is younger. I have 2 great brothers Paul (Paddy) and Dave (Marica) as well as sisters Sue (Sue) in Victoria B.C., and lastly but never forgotten; Mickie (in heaven) and Lynne.

I'm blessed with a handsome son Jamie, married to a beautiful woman Maggy who live in Toronto and a sweet daughter Cara who lives near Ridgetown, On and has 2 cats and a dog and a fiancee Jeremy and they are going to have a baby in Dec! Jamie & Cara grew up with "From the Heart", hearing about it often and even working in the store from time to time.

My husband, Barry Ashby, tells me almost everyday how lucky I am and he is right. He is a wonderful, loving, supportive husband who doesn't get upset if I forget to come home from the store some nights.

Way back I was an obstetrical nurse, taught pre/postnatal education and labour coached hundreds of couples over 30 years. I was also very fortunate to be an at home Mom for many years until 1989. It was then that our venture began and we haven't looked back. I'm the one you'll most likely see in the store but Geri and Paulette do come in and check up on me once in awhile.

From the Heart is truly where my heart is now. I love our little store and of course all the wonderful customers, friends and relatives who have supported us for 25 amazing years. 
Geri Maisonneuve
I am Geri Maisonneuve - the youngest of our very large, loving family! I have a wonderful husband, Butch (Marcel), of 28 years and between us we have four amazing children Michael, Christian (wife Lady), Danielle and Cody.

For the past 7 years, I have worked full time at Your Neighbourhood Credit Union - five years as a Member Service Representative and for the past two years as an Assistant Branch Manager. Although I miss being in our store on a day to day basis, with my 15 years of banking experience, I am happy to fulfill the role of "balancing the books and making sure our suppliers are happy by paying our bills!!!"

The past 25 years have been an incredible adventure and, God willing; we will be here for 25 more.
Paulette Kupnicki
I am Paulette Kupnicki, the eldest of seven in our family. I have had the great joy in my life of being a daughter, sibling, spouse, mother, friend, teacher, mentor, and recreation supervisor to some of the finest people ever created.

It has been a delight to also be the co-owner of "From the Heart" with my sisters, Jackie and Geri for the past 25 years - Yikes!! I must have been a child when we started! Although my full time work did not allow me to be in the store often, I have been committed to its success, helping with clean-up and set-up, planning and organizing. It has been fun to spend more time there in my retirement and I look forward to another 25 years with two women I very much admire.

I am so grateful for the loving support of my spouse Ginny who I have shared my life with for the past 29 years. We are so proud of our four amazing adult children Nicole, Ken, Matthew and Anthony. Each one of these precious people has added such a powerful dimension to my life.

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